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UK E-sleep shares the elements that affect people's sleep

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A, color
Suitable for different colors decorated rooms, will give people a different visual experience. In general, the sleeper bedroom wall should be light blue, light green, white is better, it will give insomnia to quiet, elegant, comfortable feeling, people sleep thicker. If the curtains, murals, bedspreads and bedding are also dubbed light green or light blue hypnosis efficacy is better. Conversely, if the bedroom wall painted orange, hanging red curtains will make it difficult for insomniacs to fall asleep.
B, the environment
Quiet environment is one of the basic conditions to promote sleep, the quiet surroundings of sleep and sleep depth are good. Noisy environment, people can not be quiet and difficult to sleep mood. Therefore, the bedroom window should be avoided facing the street downtown or increase the noise insulation facilities.
C, light
Should be dark, it is generally darker in the dark environment easier to fall asleep. Bed should be located in the dark corner of the room, or screen or partition separated from the activities, curtains to cool colors better. If you can not reduce the light intensity in sleep, you can use goggles to help light. But not in a very dark space, everyone is easy to fall asleep, for example, people with insecurity in the dark, you can point a little red light in the bedroom, help to sleep. Nighttime sleep according to the light on the retina, will inhibit melatonin production. The increase in night lighting will affect people's physiological rhythm, it is difficult to sleep, but also a direct impact on the efficiency of the next day. However, the possibility of completely eradicating light pollution is minimal, but we can minimize the risk of light pollution. The direct way to reduce light pollution hazards is to choose the right lighting, incandescent, halogen tungsten lamp is the health experts recommend. Table lamp is best fitted with a shade good shade, to avoid direct light exposure and stimulate the eyes. Bedroom decoration, light should also choose to warm dark mainly rational distribution of light source, irradiation direction, the strength should be appropriate. These things seemingly not related to sleep, but it is to help get a good sleep in the long run.
D, temperature
Humidity should be suitable for the bedroom to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity, is conducive to sleep. In winter, the temperature of the bedroom should be kept at 19 ° C, 22 ° C in other seasons. Sleep appropriate relative humidity should be 60% to 70%. The use of air conditioning, heaters should pay attention to the maintenance of humidity, can be put in a piece of wet towel on the heater or install a humidifier. Different people on the temperature, humidity, comfort is different, so the main is to feel comfortable, suitable for their own standards.
E, sound: how many decibels when sleeping sound the best
The human ear can only hear the sound is about 1 dB (dB for the sound loudness unit), this is called the smell threshold; greater than 100 dB of noise will make the ear swell, pain, such a sound called the pain threshold. According to the relevant provisions of the State and Beijing, the district's regional environmental noise to noise environmental quality standards suitable for a class of people living, that is less than 55 db in the day, less than 45 dB at night, so that 30 dB has been relatively quiet. Attachment 1: According to the hearing of ordinary people 0 -2 0 dB very quiet, almost feel; 2 0 -4 0 dB quiet, like a whisper; 4 0 -6 0 dB in general. Ordinary indoor conversation; 6 0-7 0 db noisy, detrimental to nerves; 7 0 -9 0 dB is noisy, nerve cells are damaged. 9 0 -1 0 0 dB increased noise, hearing loss; 1 0 0 -1 2 0 dB unbearable, stay for one minute that is temporary deafness. 120 dB or more: extremely deaf or deaf

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