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Between soft mattresses and hard mattresses, you will choose who. Star furniture, for you to find five reasons and reasons, I believe you will understand. Easy to sleep bedding, professional point of view, as you explain why the choice of soft mattress.
First, the body from the original natural curve analysis
The beginning of the development of the spine is the first song, the baby during the development of sleep soft bed is suitable or hard bed? People will prefer a comfortable soft mattress.
Second, from the perspective of medicine and physics analysis
1, blood circulation helps to relieve fatigue
When people stand for a long time or walk, they will feel very tired legs and feet. Only to sit down and rest and leg lift will be comfortable a lot. So the blood circulation is not straight up and down the process.
2, lying on the harder bed, why the number of turn over will increase?
In fact, this time you will find that, inadvertently your joints, hip and waist contact with the bed board, resulting in blood circulation.
3, gravity
Third, from the mattress in the development of Western time analysis
Mattress has become one of the hard necessities of life. Western daily necessities, the pursuit of scientific and technological results and quality requirements.
Fourth, Chinese martial arts
The new three characters: legislation such as loose, sitting, such as bell, line wind, such as the bow.
Fifth, from the perspective of the Chinese people 's material standard of living
1, the most common, the general family of children, in the 13-year-old to 23-year-old 10 years in school accommodation. And our material requirements can only provide bed, the child's spine in this period had to stereotypes.
2, the elders think they are so over, our children should be the case.
3, the person's life, most of the time in the family bedroom such an environment.
In today's society, people in the constant pursuit of high quality of life, choose high-quality sleep environment is also an essential way.

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