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Sleep is not only physiological behavior, but also a subject of psychological behavior. Facts have proved that emotional anxiety, tension, long-term in a strong sense of pressure under the people, there will be sleep problems. If not timely adjustment, is likely to cause neurasthenia and other mental illness.
In this case,
To improve the quality of sleep, we should first learn the correct guide their own psychological, relieve their emotions, do not let the negative emotions dominate, learn not to hi not sad attitude towards life, their sleep will have a good life help. You can talk to friends around their own experiences, facing the mirror a person crying, or to the road running on a circle, can play a very good role in relieving emotions.
In this case,
Of course, sleep is also a physiological problem, the psychological is a subjective and controllable factors, as long as a good open to the catharsis can be a good solution. But the physical problems either rely on the body's own repair, or is relying on external treatment, conditioning.
In this case,
Insomnia patients often have a lot of problems in the body, his immunity, resistance and physical self-repair ability will decline. So want to solve the physiological insomnia, often through treatment and conditioning. Now the treatment of sleep insomnia dream method is not much, what magnetic therapy, electrotherapy and so on are great cost, the effect is difficult to maintain. So insomnia patients are often through the body conditioning method, so that the body function back to normal, to solve the problem of insomnia.
In this case,
Can eat some longan meat, fill the heart and spleen, stomach and stomach; can also drink some milk before going to bed, can help you stabilize mood, so as to achieve healthy sleep.

Of course, a good soft bed is also indispensable.
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