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UK E-sleep teaches you how to choose a good soft bed

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Soft bed is with the people's living standards continue to improve, more and more demanding of the quality of sleep and the development of new beds. At present the soft bed on the furniture market is roughly distributed bed, leather bed and cloth cloth bed three. So how to choose a good soft bed? This is a lot of friends ready to buy a soft bed when the problems encountered, the following Xiaobian give us about it.

Although each person's physical condition is different, showing their individuality, but in sleep each person's body each part needs to be sufficient support, and reduce the pressure requirements are the same, so only let the body of each part Can comfortably relax the soft bed is a good soft bed.

Select the time in the end should be how to choose

1, whether it is lateral or supine, can make the body to maintain a natural state of relaxation. (Lumbar) slightly upward convex, so that will avoid the deformation caused by the spinal disc local compression, so that the pressure of the day of disc compression, fatigue, so that the spine, Especially the lumbar intervertebral disc to be rest and repair, thereby reducing lumbar disc disease (lumbar disc herniation) occurred. This will avoid back muscle tension caused by long-term back pain, and even lumbar muscle strain.
In this case,
2, the body and the bed has a high degree of fit. It can be said to achieve at least 90% of that fit. So that the body every inch of the body are the maximum exposure to the bed and hold up, so as to meet different sizes. Weight of people on the sleep needs, this will reduce the body's local pressure, especially the weight of the pressure on the shoulders and buttocks to reduce the local body due to compression and discomfort and tenderness, to maintain blood circulation. In this case,
In this case,
3, with sufficient high resilience and toughness, and the rebound speed. When the body flips, the pressure of the bed should be part of the rapid subsidence, the pressure relief should be part of the rapid rebound, rapid rebound will help us stand up, otherwise, like sleeping in the cotton pile turn over helpless, especially tired.
In this case,
4, has a good breathable performance, easy to breathe the skin and heat. When sleeping in a hard bed, the body and the bed contact area is small, and the direct contact with the air area, sleep when the human body will feel ventilation and cool; sleep soft bed, the human body and bed contact area, contact with air Direct contact, which is the main reason to feel warmer to sleep soft bed. So good ventilation performance is particularly important for soft beds.
In this case,
5, should be used split design, reducing the two sleep disturbance. Formaldehyde and other harmful substances should be used environmentally friendly materials, not cause damage to the human body, do not cause pollution to the environment. The use of cotton fabric, does not produce static electricity, not easy to absorb ash, reducing the stimulation of the skin, conducive to health. Safety design, such as the height of the foot of the bed should be higher than the instep, so as not to hurt the toe or bruised foot injury.
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