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 In favor of and agree Yi Mian home business ideas, and actively assist, maintain and maintain easy to sleep bedding to join the cause of the interests and goodwill, and become their own cause of the pursuit of goals.
In this case,
Franchisee must have the ability to independently bear the responsibility of civil acts, according to the law registered to obtain business eligibility.
In this case,
With the furniture industry-related business experience, marketing strategies and products to promote sales with the appropriate knowledge and ability.
In this case,
Agreed to the home market in accordance with easy to sleep the overall planning, the organization and operation of the implementation, according to a unified store, image design standards for terminal construction, according to Yi Mian organizations necessary for the operation of supporting products, image promotional materials, jewelry, To ensure the unity of the terminal image.
In this case,
On the shop business, marketing process, after-sales service, brand image of the program specification; franchisees must follow the easy-to-sleep development of the relevant manual.
In this case,
Franchisees are committed to strict compliance with the terms of the contract, and accept our inspection, supervision and guidance.
In this case,
With a certain financial strength to comply with easy to sleep brand of the minimum operating area of ​​the operator's requirements and management standards:
In this case,
Business area of ​​200 square meters or more.
In this case,
Franchise stores should be a unified design requirements, the decoration of the store decoration to ensure easy to sleep brand stores image, characteristics and style to be reflected. In this case,
Easy to reach sleep joining process:
1, through a variety of channels to obtain brand stores to join investment information
2, by telephone, fax, E-MALL, field inquiries
3, companies sent on-site visits, contacts, negotiations - the market is not appropriate to terminate
4, qualification examination, submit the supporting documents, photocopy - qualification does not meet the termination of the operation
5, the development of brand shop business plan - do not meet the conditions of suspension
6, signed a brand shop to start the agreement
7, the development of brand shop construction cycle plan - B to deal with the problems of joining
8, Party A to send field, design, decoration
9, project supervision - staff induction training
10, joined the contract and the terminal construction contract acceptance - adjustment, rectification, in place
11, signed a "regional agency agreement"
12, the general manager of the franchise issued a power of attorney
13, planning to open matters - image, product layout
14, trial operation (commissioned by the Commissioner to assist the trial operation)
15, the official business prospects and other plans
If you are interested in the development of the home industry, and easy to sleep together to create a national brand; if you agree to the development direction of easy to sleep, recognition of our home humanistic philosophy and corporate culture, but also have a certain operating capacity, You will be very welcome to join, easy to sleep the country without you and me, because you join Yi Mian will create a more brilliant tomorrow.
In this case,
1, brand management:
Strong start "easy to sleep" brand to enhance the program, launched four-year interlocking large-scale national linkage brand promotion and promotional activities. Regional and city "three in one" strong promotion and layout, effectively achieve the brand in the regional spread of the effect of maximizing the effect of the brand in the region to promote the spread of the regional advantages, .
In this case,
2, operational support:
Provide professional business display packaging mode, professional construction supervision, decoration guidance, professional operation and management of special operations services, is responsible for the terminal operating standards of the acceptance criteria for the development and evaluation, to create a unified national, standardized, first-class store Image. After years of market operation, the formation of a complete system of chain operations standards, we will tour through the region or on a regular basis to focus on the form of franchisee operators to enhance the professional standards. Allowing you to enjoy the headquarters of the mature operational experience, allowing you to avoid detours, less loss, to avoid blind operation, playing a certain battle. To help you in-depth understanding of market conditions in the region where the market, to determine easy to sleep brand reasonable market strategy, well-developed products, channels, publicity, promotion strategy.
In this case,
3, product marketing:
The company's marketing center is fully responsible for the integration of upgrading existing products, and constantly optimize the product portfolio, rapid response to market demand, increase the development of new products, giving the terminal continued quality products protection. Continued to strengthen the product brand and cultural packaging, and further enhance the overall competitiveness of terminal stores. According to the market dynamics to develop the corresponding national linkage promotional activities to monitor the implementation of the effective implementation of the terminal, professional marketing plan to develop the terminal, and enhance the ability of easy to sleep products on the market reaction.
In this case,
4, comprehensive protection:
Responsible for franchise financial management, for the franchisee to provide comprehensive business dealings, financial services and guidance, establish and improve the franchisee credit rating, the loan-to-return system of the loan-to-payment system, the franchisee is responsible for the franchisee, Responsible for the distribution and coordination of orders with the manufacturing, logistics and other departments to do the tracking and implementation of the supply; responsible for the "contract of the order", the contract for the daily delivery of goods, funds withdrawn from circulation and other strict monitoring, and the business sector to clean up customer receivables to follow up; "Audit, enhance the ability to deliver orders on time; responsible for customer file creation and real-time updates.
In this case,
5. Opening system training:
Headquarters to help you quickly set up operational team, from the pre-recruitment, selection, education, keep people to provide one-stop professional support. For the designers, installers, shop sales staff, the use of post quality competency model, the implementation of easy to sleep standardized training module, the rapid formation of team combat capability.
In this case,
6, the service system support
Pre-sale, sale, sale and after-sale support. Headquarters Tel: 0757-26918329, to improve the franchisee response to consumer speed and service efficiency. Strengthen the terminal service guidance, the headquarters of professional service team to help franchisees on-site rapid processing difficult problems, enhance customer satisfaction.
In this case,
★ decoration services:
Provide professional business display packaging mode, professional construction supervision, decoration guidance, professional operation and management of special operations services, is responsible for the terminal operating standards of the acceptance criteria for the development and evaluation, to create a unified national, standardized, first-class store Image.
Customer Service Department and the franchisee to build terminal service system, "customer focus, listen to the voice of customers, protect the quality of goods, services quickly in place to promote lasting win-win" principle of service, to improve customer satisfaction and create a harmonious and warm service system. Professional services team for the franchisee to provide quality, efficient, timely and professional one-stop service, 24 hours for customers to answer all kinds of questions.
In this case,
★ Logistics Services:
Third-party logistics partners to enable the implementation of regional integration of logistics services, industry-leading use of "fortune-free service" for the franchisee to provide more peace of mind, effort, time-saving transport services.
In this case,
★ information services:
Build e-commerce platform integrated supply and marketing, and vigorously promote the "supply chain integration" system process, erected a terminal e-commerce trading platform and electronic collaborative office management platform to enhance operational efficiency. Support the purchase and build the terminal retail business system, share information platform, and provide technical and network service support for the terminal.
In this case,
★ extension services:
Responsible for the national market overall brand promotion, marketing planning, marketing planning, planning, promotion planning, promotional activities planning, planning the promotion of new products, media promotion and advertising materials design, production support. Responsible for all kinds of brand promotion, product promotion planning and organization, implementation and guidance.